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Zane Visits Costa Rica

Bumpkin Books is pleased to present our newest title from the budding Author, Ladesa Williams,

"Zane Visits Costa Rica"!

Zane Visits Costa Rica takes the reader on a fun and colorful journey with Zane and his family as they visit Costa Rica. They learn Spanish, see the sights, taste the food and immerse themselves in the beautiful culture of Costa Rica! The author has perfectly captured the wonder and excitement from the young protagonist's point of view.

Illustrated beautifully by Rahana Dariah, the scenes seem jump from the book with every turn of the page. Children who read this book will certainly feel the scenes as they immerse themselves in the Costa Rica experience through Zane's eyes.

The Love of a Mother for her Son...

This book has truly been a labor of love. Written by a loving and devoted mother who has chosen to chronicle one of her son's many adventures.

Ladesa Williams is

a Business Woman, Corporate Executive, Wife, friend and above all, a mother to her two beautiful Children Zane and Zary.

Everything that she pushes to accomplish, she does so for her family and especially for her kids. "Zane Visits Costa Rica" is no exception. She wanted to write a book that her son, Zane, could see himself in and could feel proud of himself and his family.

There exists no greater motivation to try something new and scary, than the love of a child. Ladesa Williams has done just that, and we are proud to be the publishers of this beautiful book.

In keeping with the overall aim of Bumpkin Books, Zane Visits Costa Rica is an illustrated children's book that features a young boy of color, from the Caribbean, going on fun adventures with his family. It is important for children of color to be able to see themselves in print and in a positive light, and this book certainly fits that bill.


on this WONDERFUL accomplishment!


Happy 6th Birthday Zane!

Congratulations to you on your 6th birthday and on your very first book!

Zane Visits Costa Rica

Will be available for purchase on AMAZON as an ebook and as a paper back book this week Saturday!

Come join our Launch Party on Facebook! DATE: December 19th, 2020

at 2 pm. It's gonna be fun!


Happy Holidays!



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